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If you believe everything you hear about Prague you’ll think that the Czech capital used to be one of Europe’s best-value capitals, but it isn’t as cheap as it was. There’s an element of truth to this, but only an element…

Like any capital city, if you eat and drink in the tourist hotspots you’re going to pay for it. Do your socialising around Wenceslas Square or the old town square and you’ll find out drinks here are considerably more expensive than some of their not-so-central counterparts. But take my advice and locate one (or all) of these five gems and you’ll see how the locals spend their evenings while saving quite a few koruna at the same time…

1 Vinárna U Sudu, Vodičkova 677/10, Nové Mesto

This bar not far from Wenceslas Sqaure in Prague’s New Town is extremely deceiving. When you walk in it seems like you’re in a quaint, quiet wine bar. But delve further into its labyrinthine caves and you’ll see there’s much more to it than that. This is where you can enjoy more a party-type atmosphere, while if you fancy a game of foosball, you can challenge whoever you want here too.

2 Baráčnická rychta, Tržiště 23, Mala Strana

If you’re looking for a traditional Czech pub after traipsing up the steps to Prague’s mystical castle, find this little gem. Located just under ten minutes from Charles Bridge, locals eat here as well as socialise. It’s a big place with a beer hall and another section for music, so if you find a seat make yourself comfortable for the evening.

3 Pivnice U Rodolfina, Křížovnická 60/10, Staré Mesto

Another bar with an open beer-hall, the drinking and chatting here is done downstairs. The problem is you mightn’t make it there due to the temptation of the Czech food that’s served upstairs from a menu that isn’t in English (which is always a good thing). It’s close to the river as well as the old town square, meaning it boasts a good location along with authenticity.

4 Pivoarsky Dum, Jecna/Lipova 15, Praha 2

Of all the five bars I’m mentioning here, this is the one that mightn’t have as much locals as tourists, but I couldn’t leave out a bar that offers banana, cherry and nettle beer. If you’re the indecisive type and you’re not sure which flavour you want to try, get a sample of a few of them. They brew their own beer too making it definitely worth a visit.

5 Hostinec U Templáře, Masná 698/17, Staré Mesto

Servers of an award-winning ‘Gambrinus beer’, this is another bar close to the one of Prague’s main tourist attractions that doesn’t have extortionate prices. Like all the aforementioned establishments, food is as big a draw as the beer making it perfect for a bite as well as a beer. Watch out for the eye-catching pictures of the locals on the walls…

Thinking of going to Prague to enjoy local beer, explore castle grounds or anything else?

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