Mary plunkett

Mary Plunkett

Mary’s curious personality means that she is forever looking to explore new places and cultures. Like many Irish kids, Mary first got a taste for travel on family camping holidays to France.

Colm hanratty

Colm Hanratty

Colm first got the travel bug when he went to Australia in 1999 on a working holiday visa. Since then he hasn’t looked back.

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Suzanne Cox

Suzanne loves nothing more than heading off to far flung destinations. The Philippines, Argentina and Zambia are her favourites. Best experiences scuba diving in the South China sea, mountain biking in the Andes and tiger fishing on the Zambese.

Michelle obeirne

Michelle O'Beirne

Michelle has loved travel since childhood, when her Mum joined an airline & she travelled with her everywhere from Bordeaux to Barbados.

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Claire Sweeney

Claire has a long love affair with travel that began as a school student when she travelled to Angouleme in France on an exchange program.

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Melissa Knowlton

Melissa is a two-time study abroad student from the greater Boston area in the United States. She studies marketing with a minor in global studies. Melissa's interests include traveling, reading, creative writing, and hiking.

Kim gillick

Kim Gillick

Kim’s obsession with travel stems from a love affair with food and the thrill of ordering a beer in another language. Her first real adventures took her around Asia 10 years ago and she hasn’t stopped since.

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Sally Meacham

Sally is a study abroad student from the US. Her major is Professional Writing, and she is interning at Homestay. She enjoys hiking, reading, and going on new adventures.

Laurence norah

Guest Blogger: Laurence Norah

Since 2009 Laurence has been travelling the world as a professional photographer and travel writer, and sharing his stories, adventures and photos on his travel blog.

David rafferty

David Rafferty

David likes the simple things in life: travel, photography and a half-decent WiFi connection. He has spent previous summers coaching soccer in Boston

Shafik meghji

Shafik Meghji

Shafik Meghji is a travel writer, journalist and author of over 30 guidebooks, including The Rough Guide to Chile and The Rough Guide to Ecuador.

Phoebe greenacre

Guest Blogger: Phoebe Greenacre

Phoebe Greenacre the founder of the travel blog Wood and Luxe.

Andrea longcrier

Guest Blogger: Andrea Longcrier

Andrea is an American expat living in Rome, Italy. She writes about life abroad, traveling, and travels with her little cat named Dolce.

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Guest Blogger: Sarah Fazendin

Sarah Fazendin is a travel blogger, busy mom and entrepreneur. She can be found online at, blogging about travel, yoga, family and how all three can fit together.

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Guest Blogger: Katie Bell

Originally from New Zealand, Katie has been living abroad and travelling the world for the past 10 years. In 2012, after 7 years living in London, she moved to Sydney, Australia.

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Guest Blogger: Elaine McArdle

Elaine is one half of The Whole World is a Playground where she writes about her quest to discover the world and find the best sights and adventures while eating good food and drinking fabulous cocktails!

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Guest Blogger: Jasmine Davis

Jasmine is an LA-based photographer and one of the faces of Jasmine fell in love with homestays after travelling solo in Bali and staying with a host family.

Jackson seifert

Jackson Seifert

Jackson is a student from America studying in Ireland and is an avid traveller both in the States and abroad. His first trip to Europe was in 2014, and he could not wait to come back to travel more.

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Gare Reid

Gare is an American student currently studying in Ireland. He has been bitten by the travel bug after going to Barcelona, Bahamas, Greece, Italy, Nepal, and Nicaragua within the last six years and he is always ready for the next adventure.

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Guest Blogger: Claire Beck

Claire Beck is a broadcaster, DJ, writer and travel addict from Dublin, Ireland. She is currently making her way around the world, using festivals, animals and scuba diving as an excuse to explore new places.

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Guest Blogger: Lianne Murphy

Lianne has been travelling the world after taking her first backpacking trip to India. Since then, she has ticked over 70 countries off her bucket list. A now ex-pat living in Ireland, she runs the popular My Discover Ireland travel blog.

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Marco Arias

Marco from Costa Rica is currently working with us here in Homestay HQ on an internship. He's a Finance professional back home and decided to move to Ireland to improve his English.

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Guest Blogger: Vivian Lee

Vivian from Malaysia is battling a chronic disease of itchy feet :-) After some encouragement from another travel blogger Jodi from Legal Nomads she decided to pursue her dreams

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Tanja Franke

Tanja is a trainee from the south of Germany. Her hobbies are horse riding, reading and learn foreign languages.

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