Affordable Accommodation in Rio for Carnival

Kacper and his fiancée Żaneta from Poland travelled to Rio, their last trip before the Wedding. They wanted to get to know about best places to visit in Rio from "Cariocas" - Brazilians living in the state of Rio de Janeiro. They chose to stay with Mary in Copacabana with a double room for $42 per night. They had a wonderful experience and so did Mary who told us "we remain like Crist de Redemer, with open arms to meet them whenever they wish to return. Viva Polonia! !!!

Why did you book a homestay?

I used to couch surf a lot in my days, when I used to travel a lot. Nowadays we are less flexible but still looking for the same "local & adventurous" perks while looking for accommodation. is exactly that. You get your own cozy spot (which is good for my back =]), with a connection to local people and others who are looking for the same. There is also this feeling of mutual benefit between the host and the guest, which makes you feel event better. Comparing to couch surfing you don't have a feeling that you "owe" somebody. On the other hand you have a feeling that you are not only another "calendar gap fit" in someones business when you compare to other accommodation options. Somebody accepting your request decided to actually meet you, that cannot be compared to first-come, first-served reservation systems.

How did you hear about

Well, to be honest I was looking for a long time to find a spot in Rio de Janeiro that is not overpriced because of the time of carnival happening there. I started looking on less popular pages than booking and airbnb. When I found the homestay with a possible vacancy I went through couple of ads and got to know the idea (which was already 70% sold to me because of the name of the portal - HomeStay, this is something people used to do back in the time when internet was not as easily accessible). I have to admit I was amazed of what I saw and i liked the idea of paying straight to the host rather than through the website.

Any tips or advice for other travellers visiting Brazil?

I highly recommend, to buy “inner pocket” so you will carry your cash and documents safely

Use sunscreen (minimum 30) even if there are clouds on the sky or it is raining as you will get tan immediately

Don`t buy mosquito repellents in your home country, buy them in Brazil as they are stronger

Planning your own trip to Rio for Carnival?

Book a Homestay

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