Top 6 Homestays Near the Ski Slopes

Ski season is almost in full swing. Considering a ski break this season? Well look no further we've collected our top hosts near the slopes for you.

1Vermont, U.S.A.

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Nothing beats a Vermont winter.  The air gets cold, the nights get long, and there is a still silence that wraps its inhabitants in a calming sense of ease. While the nights are meant for snuggling up with a warm drink and a blanket, the days are meant to be spent on the slopes. Sugarbush is one of Vermont's most popular skiing locations enjoyed by travelers and Vermont locals alike.

Sugarbush offers a SugarXpress card that you can reload with your phone. No more need to wait in ticket lines for the lift. price depends on which mountain and how late you get your tickets. There are six peaks total and over 100 trails. It's impossible to be bored at Sugarbush. Barbara's homestay even offers a special discount for ski season. Check out her profile for more info.

Homestays in Vermont

2 Montreal, Canada

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Only a few hours drive up from Vermont is the Canadian city, Montreal. And just outside of Montreal is Bromont, a ski slope where you can night ski. It is a unique slope in that since, and it is very close to the city. So stay in Montreal, see the sites, and then hit the slopes.

Bromont offers a unique perk. You can ski at night on 102 different lit runs. As far as normal, daylight trails go, Bromont is not lacking. There are 142 trails total. The mountain has an elevation of 1,853 feet above sea level and 1,263 feet from base to summit.

Homestay in Montreal

3 The Alps, France

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Let's jump across the Atlantic and head towards the French Alps. Nestled into the natural beauty of the mountain range is a ski resort called La Plagne. It is home to French bobsledding, and offers a plethora of other winter sports. You can't miss out on a place like that.

La Plagne opens its slopes on December 16th this year. It has 134 trails with 70% of them above 2,000 meters above sea level. It is full of activities such as zip lining, snow shoeing, and a igloo village to visit. And if you stay at Clementine's homestay, she is offering up her barn to store your ski equipment.

Homestay in France

4 Vienna, Semmering, Austria

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Stuhleck, a ski resort in Semmering is a great way to get a taste of Austria and get out for a ski trip. The mountain is just outside of Vienna which makes it a perfect opportunity to explore the unique beauty of both the nature and the city.

Karen has a lovely home in Vienna for only 30 a night. Semmering was one of the first places to become a skiing spot in Austria, and it is still one of the most popular spots. It has an elevation of 1,339 meters and 7 pistes, and it is only about an hours drive away from Vienna.

Homestay in Vienna

5 Anzère, Switzerland

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Can't get enough of the European winter? Try checking out the slopes at Anzere in Switzerland. Ski season is starting on this mountain, so get up and go! But more than skiing, there is a spa, places to hike, and a night life worth staying up late for.

It is a sunny spot with 15 runs and an elevation of 2500. Sylvie's homestay is only a 5 minute drive from the slopes with a free shuttle during the season. The slopes open up on December 21st, so book while you can!

Homestay in Switzerland

6 Todtnauberg, Germany

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Todtnauberg, a ski resort in Germany, is a great stop to make if you're in the area. Frieburg is a short drive away from the resort. You can stay with wonderful hosts in town and visit local scenery while still being able to get out and ski.

Todtnauberg offers a variety of highly enjoyable slopes from long distance to hard or easy. It has an elevation of 1,400 meters and has 13 kilometers of skiiable land. It is right off of the Black Forest of Germany which is a gorgeous fairy tale-esc forest with giant evergreens.

Homestay in Germany

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