Traveling Abroad for Mid-Term Break

Sally is a student from Vermont, USA studying in Dublin for a semester. She is making the most of her time in Europe and visiting as many countries as possible. For mid-term break in October, Sally and her roommate David wanted to experience life in Europe.  But being college students from the States, it needed to be a cheap trip. Amsterdam was David's destination of choice, and Greece was Sally's. The night in Sofia was just for a cheaper flight to Greece and to visit another country. Here she shares her holiday memories and some great snaps.

Sally overlooking Athens

First stop Sofia

We only stayed one night in Sofia but I was very impressed with this amazing city. It’s really beautiful there and surprisingly quiet. I don’t think Bulgaria is a very heavily populated place.

A church in Sofia

Stopping in a park in Sofia

Statue in Sofia


After a very early flight I originally thought I was going to nap when we arrived in Greece  I was so ready to go out and do things. We were staying in a homestay outside Athens close to the beach. So we walked straight down to the coast, and I tried to go swimming but accidentally stepped on a sea urchin before realizing they were everywhere. I had eventually had a swim, laid my towel out on a rock and fell asleep under the sun. It’s one of my life goals to swim in all the major bodies of water. I can check the Aegean Sea off the list. I used the outside shower and it was absolutely fantastic. I need one in my life.

Over the next few days we took a bus into Athens and visited all the major sights. I had a delicious vegetarian moussaka which I will never forget! We went to eat at a local tavern too for dinner. The appetizer was this absolutely fantastic fried cheese and some bread. It was so good. I want more. Greece really knows how to do cheese. I got a Greek salad for the meal which was also incredible. All of the veggies were fresh, and there was no lettuce in it. There was also a big block of feta cheese on top. So good. I had a taste of like five different things, and we got Baklava for dessert which was absolutely fantastic.

Beach near Athens

Sally swimming in the evening sun

Typical Athens Architecture

Temple of Athena

David at the Parthenon

Streets in Athens

Under view of the Acropolis

We saw the Greek Agora and it was pretty cool. I was so mad to find out that I could have gotten in free to that and the Acropolis if I had brought my student ID. Whatever, too late I guess. I'm only slightly bitter.

A temple in the Agora

Theater of Dionysus

A beautiful canal in Amsterdam


An example of Amsterdam architecture

We spent or two days in Amsterdam constantly walking trying to see as much as we could and immersing ourselves everything the city has to offer. We were beat by the time we got back to Dublin, but I couldn't have asked for anything better.

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