First Homestay Experience in Galway

Elena and her friend Giulia from Italy went on holidays in Ireland in August. They decided to spend 3 nights in Galway with our 5 Heart hosts Mary and Pat. Pat collected the girls on their bus from Dublin airport and gave them a traditional Irish welcome. Elena tells us that Mary really made her trip to Galway.

Giulia and Elena with their host Mary.

How was your experience with your host?

Galway wouldn't have been such a wonderful experience if it wasn't for Mary: Mary has been more than a simple host. She was there to help us have the best stay ever, she spent time with us by night with of a warm cup of tea, and we were able to know Galway, not just as a tourists, but from the eyes of a resident. In the morning, we spent time with her during breakfast while she shared with us what to do and where to go. She also prepared some sandwiches for our trip to the Cliffs of Moher. She has been fantastic! We felt welcomed, and we are looking forward to coming back to Ireland to visit her!! Thank you Mary, and thank you Homestay for this wonderful opportunity. Travel makes sense not only as a tourist, but also through the eyes of local people and we wanted to feel local. Homestay helped us a lot!

What did you do while you were in Galway?

We decided to visit the city on our first day. Galway is a very small town making it possible to visit in only a few hours. We recommend taking a walk alongside the river surrounded by nature and water. We went there in August, and there was fantastic weather, even if it was a bit cold for our Italian standards. Anyway, with a fleece and a hat, you can feel warm and safe. The riverside walk led us the fantastic Cathedral of Galway. We recommend resting and admiring the Galway bay: during the sunset there's a fantastic light and it is full of seagulls you can feed.

Relaxing overlooking Galway Bay

To dine, we recommend the restaurant "the piemaker" to taste local fresh products of Galway. Anyway, in town there are lots of pubs and small restaurants where it is possible to dine while listening to very good music and live bands! One of our favourite places was: The Quays!

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On our second day, we went on an organized trip to the Cliffs of Moher, which is not far from Galway, and can be reached in one and a half hours. We felt simply overwhelmed by such beauty, which is difficult to describe, but absolutely worth the trip to see. The Cliffs are immense and huge, so green that my eyes were surprised by all the possible shades. I think this is so far my favourite place on earth; you can remain silent while watching around you all the nature (and some of the scenes of Harry Potter have been shot there!

Giulia at The Cliffs of Moher

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