Top 10 Need to Do's in Cincinnati

I moved to Cincinnati halfway through my sophomore year of high school. I was welcomed with open arms, and in time shown all of the items on this list. Although I'm off in college now in Vermont, my family still lives there, and I still go to Bunbury every summer with two of my high school friends. Cincinnati is always a place to go back to.

1 Skyline Chili

Justin Firefly on Flickr

Uniquely Cincinnati, Skyline chili is a savoury meat-filled chili on top of spaghetti topped off with a mound of cheddar cheese. It is a favourite of the locals and a happy surprise for strangers. Skyline is a must have when visiting Cincinnati.

2 The Reds – Opening Day

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The Reds are Cincinnati’s own baseball team, and they are very much loved. Opening day kicks off the spring season of baseball, and in Cincinnati, it’s a holiday. The streets are filled with people in red and white uniforms and foam fingers. Don’t even try driving downtown that day because you won’t be able to get past the crowd, but feel free to join in the festivities.

3 Graeter’s Ice Cream

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Graeter’s is another Cincinnati original. They are an ice cream shop started by Louis Graeter in 1868. It is a store famous for its chocolate chunk filled creamy ice cream, the signature flavour being black raspberry. It is the favourite of many.

4 Coffee Emporium

Lauren Burt on Flickr

Coffee Emporium is a humble yet extravagant coffee store. They get the highest quality coffee beans from farmers and prepare every cup with the utmost care. The baristas are all veterans in the coffee trade and can make the perfect cup. To top it all off, the two locations are both artistically unique and extremely pleasant to just sit and sip for a while.

5 The Bengals

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Who Dey? They are Cincinnati’s home football team. The orange and black Bengals are the pride of Cincinnati for football. This year will be their 50th anniversary making it a very special and exciting season.

6 Cincinnati Zoo

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The new baby hippo, Fiona, is becoming a huge sensation. The Cincinnati Zoo is the second oldest in the US and is often listed in with the best zoos. They have a great range of animals available to view in the summer and an amazing light show to walk around in during the winter. No matter what time of year, the Cincinnati Zoo is a great place to be.

7 Purple People Bridge

Morgan Paul on Flickr

This bridge is a purple pedestrian walkway over the Ohio River connecting Ohio and Kentucky. It leads from a riverside park on the Cincinnati shore to the social centre of Newport, Kentucky. There is always someone walking or jogging over the bridge. Often times, you will see people taking pictures on it capturing the beauty of the moment.

8 Serpentine Stairs

Erik Lykins on Flikr

In the riverside park, there are a set of massive twisting stairs that head straight down into the Ohio River. It is a great place to walk, take pictures, or just admire the river.

9 Bunbury

Sara Blankemeyer

Bunbury is a three day music festival that happens in Cincinnati every summer. It has three or more stages with bands playing on and off each of them for three straight days. Bunbury always brings in a huge crowd. There are food tents, a “beer city” featuring local craft beers, and tents giving out free items. It is a non-stop heaven for music lovers. Above is Paramore from 2014 Bunbury.

10 Findlay Market

Brett Davis on Flickr

Findlay Market, located downtown, is a long going farmers market with both outside and inside vendors. It features local farmers and artisans displaying their work. In the summer, the outside is packet with customers and vendors alike, and in the winter months, the inside halls are filled.

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